Dear Diane
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February 3, 1991

1400 hrs.

Dear Diane,

We have moved 480 km to a position within 10 miles of the Iraqi border. Within the next two weeks things could get very interesting. I was commander of one of the convoys up here. I led a total of 34 vehicles on an all night road march to our current location. It was an interesting experience.

The Air Force seems to be kicking some major ass. As far as I’m concerned they can continue for as long as they like. I’m still hoping that a ground war will not be necessary. Too many variables… I know that its not likely that air alone will be decisive. But I continue to remain hopeful.

I’m doing fine. My spirits and confidence are still high. I’m just praying for a quick resolution to all of this. I want to come home.

I think you are right when you say that this will make us closer. I will appreciate you more than I ever did. And I know that we have lots of happy times together ahead of us.

I got your tape but have not listened to it yet. I don’t know why not. I’m sure I will listen to it within the next day or two. Things have been so topsy turvey lately. I just have not had the mindset to sit down and content myself. But I will. Don’t worry.

A week at home in bed with you sounds wonderful. A cruise sounds wonderful. Sitting down to one of your meals sounds wonderful. Being anywhere but here sounds wonderful.

I will try to write daily until we are committed to action. Don’t worry. I will be fine. Just keep the faith. Take care and be good.

Love always,