Dear Diane
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It was both a pleasure and honor to have Steve speak for our group. He shared a story that kept folks riveted to their seats. As a trooper myself who shared many of the same feelings that his story and book illuminated, I was also awed. It is my hope that many others will get a chance to listen to his tales and even get his book for a truly inside view of the struggles we as service people, along with our families, go through in defending the American dream.

—John A. Delves, Program Chair, Lockheed Martin Retirees Group, and "old soldier"


Mr. Bradshaw helped us be more aware of the cost to relationships when soldiers are deployed away from spouse and chidlren. He was sensitive, real and enjoyable.

—Tom Camp, Classic City Kiwanis Club


Mr. Bradshaw gave a wonderful talk on Dear Diane to a full house. He attracted a diverse audience: veterans, students, faculty and community members. They were riveted by his stories about serving in the war and about the cost of separation from his beloved wife. He spoke eloquently and forthrightly about his life experiences. His story is a part of American history and his experience is a part of the American experience. His talk really resonated with the audience. I have never heard so many questions in a Q&A! People asked his opinion about politics, military life, married life and being part of a military family. It was truly an educational and inspirational talk.

—Allison Scardino Belzer, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Armstrong Atlantic State University


Steve Bradshaw's inspirational talk touched on the timeless topic of service to one's country and community. Steve is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. Today, when only 1% of our population is directly affected by our armed conflicts, his talk is a timely reminder of the sacrifices incurred by our women and men in the military – and by their families.

—Sophie Mason, President-Elect, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club


Mr. Bradshaw's book offers a true look into the heart and soul of a U.S. soldier risking in all so that we might enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted as United States citizens. Mr. Bradshaw's book offers prolific and candid insight into what really is important when one is in the midst of the uncertainty associated with war. This is a must read for anyone who values the role that both the military and families play in our lives. In addition to authoring this wonderful book, Mr. Bradshaw is a gifted orator. I still have members expressing delight in the time he spent with us sharing his story.

—Dennis L. Carpenter, Ed.D, President, Kiwanis Club of Covington, GA


Dear Diane captures the unfiltered soul of deployed military servicemembers. Through a series of nostalgic hand-written letters penned in battle, experience the soldier’s raw emotions and grueling life voyage of maturation, joy, hope, and heartache. As each poignant letter unfolds compulsory life-changing dynamics, ready yourself for an intimate glance at a best seller twenty years in the making!

—Tanya Queiro, 2009 National Military Spouse of the Year & Marine Veteran


Dear Diane was wonderful - it really provided some excellent insight into what goes through a soldier's mind when they are overseas. I am also from a military family so I immediately related to that. Steve
has done an amazing job with this. The book will resonate well with a lot of people, but especially with other military spouses who truly understand the scope of what is included in the letters. Additionally,
I could not agree more with his assertion that our country is not currently at war, rather our military is at war. I feel the country (as a whole) has forgotten about our troops.

—Stacey Abler, Married to the Army Blog and Website founder


As a former soldier myself, I was amazed by how Steve brought to life the chaotic roller coaster of emotions that engulfs a deployed soldier. In a soldier's greatest time of need, this book reflects the
true power of a letter.

—Loretta Pacetti, Army Veteran and Spouse